The World’s First Blockchain B2B Solution


Say hello to a new era of data transparency. As the only Blockchain B2B Solution, we’re co-innovating with SAP to improve customer experience through instant and undisputable access to all of your business data. Goodbye legacy inconvenience. Goodbye vendor disputes. Hello Highview.


What started as the only certified SAP EDI solution for S/4HANA Public Cloud Services has grown into so much more. More visibility to your data. More factual transparency. And more innovation through an integrated blockchain solution. Our extensive SAP experience gives us industry foresight and an elevated vision to provide fully managed support for your evolving processes with order-to-cash, purchase-to-pay, and fulfillment. You can trust our experience and knowledge to keep the process simple, easy, and hassle-free. 


SAP Blockchain S/4HANA EDI Solutions

Highview is the only certified SAP EDI solution for S/4HANA Public Cloud that integrates blockchain technology.


Fit-to-Standard Methodologies

Highview works with your team to understand, optimize, and automate B2B processes.


Our Vision for Business Users

Highview anticipates your challenges and looks ahead to automate error handling and provide real-time access to data.



Read how Highview delivered the first EDI solution in the world for S/4HANA Public Cloud at Ryan Specialty Group, an international insurer.


 No Hassles
No Headaches


With Highview, our customers get a trusted SAP Partner with a certified B2B solution for S/4HANA, and no business interruptions.


You can expect a user-friendly experience that includes:

Unique solutions for your specific business requirements

Real-time access to error reports, documents, and analytics

Scalable and adaptable cloud solutions for the future