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Let the Highview team help you customize the right S/4HANA EDI solution for your business. Our team is ready to share your vision for a fully integrated S/4HANA EDI B2B solution. Click on our bios below to explore our backgrounds and extensive knowledge in the SAP industry.


Mike Kersels


Mike has more than 20 years of SAP and B2B software experience. His passion for innovating and disrupting the cumbersome way B2B has been delivered in the past led him on his journey to launch Highview. He is well respected and viewed as a thought leader in the SAP ecosystem. See more on Mike on Linkedin.


Holly Williams


Holly is an Information Technology professional with over 20 years of proven experience in leading and delivering projects while fostering strategic and collaborative relationships at all levels within 7 industries in Fortune 500 companies. See more on Holly on Linkedin.


Michael Behling


With experience in on-premise, cloud, and managed service solutions for the B2B space, Michael has a unique understanding of the legacy challenges faced by organizations and the best practices approach to modernize systems, processes, and resources. See more on Michael on Linkedin.



Our History

In 2006 Mike was working as a CIO and frustrated by how hard it was to staff EDI resources on an as-needed basis. Companies either had to create a full-time position for a dedicated EDI guru who may only be utilized a few hours per week, or lose business because they could not offer the EDI capabilities that their partners were requiring. Yes, consultants existed, but they were extremely expensive and not always available when needed.

He believed there had to be a more affordable, agile, and simple solution that would enable all companies, regardless of size, to keep up and compete in the ever-growing electronic services space. With this belief and a solid network of industry contacts, he left his CIO position to start Enterprise Services Management (ESM).

From 2006 through 2011, Mike grew ESM to fill the niche market he’d identified. With a small, flexible team of EDI experts he was able to offer outstanding, reliable services to clients large and small, without the overhead of his larger competitors. During this time his team was engaged at Disney, Alcoa, Seagate, Walgreens, Ryder and countless others.  

S/4HANA Evolution

In 2011, industry-leader SAP released a new product, which caught Mike’s attention. This product, HANA, represented an industry first, a virtual memory database for enterprise applications. In other words, it allowed very quick access to large amounts of enterprise data for SAP system users. The creation of this type of database could only lead to SAP eventually building a digital enterprise platform on top of it, which they have since done with S/4HANA.

Seeing the opportunity to be amongst the first to learn how to deploy HANA for SAP was too good of an offer for Mike to pass up. In 2011 he resigned from his full-time position at ESM to join SAP’s Delivery Execution organization. During his 5 years at SAP Mike had the chance to deploy multiple customers on HANA. In 2015 SAP released S/4HANA and Mike was put in charge of deploying one of the first instances of that product for a global industrial machinery manufacturer. During this time Mike was also instrumental in helping to refine ACTIVATE, which is SAP’s implementation methodology for S/4HANA based on his first-hand experience deploying the product.

These experiences gained the attention of IBM who was rebuilding their own SAP practice in 2016. Mike accepted an executive level position on the IBM team and worked to help sharpen IBM’s skills in S/4HANA for the following two years.


B2B/EDI Solutions with Public Cloud

In mid-2017 SAP launched a Public Cloud version of S/4HANA, which represented a brand new code platform for the company. With this launch SAP also started a new partner program called PartnerEdge. These new paths created many greenfield opportunities in the SAP ecosystem. The largest one that Mike saw based on his background and experience was in the B2B/EDI space. There were no offerings available for S/4 Public Cloud customers who needed to integrate electronically with their own customers and suppliers.  It was on this opportunity which Mike acted by procuring a cloud based B2B source code offering, certifying it through the PartnerEdge program with SAP, and deploying it for the first S/4 Public Cloud customer in the world.


Thus, Highview was born (formerly B/2BNOW) and is a leading pioneer in offering seamless B2B solutions for S/4HANA, for all types of businesses.